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Selenite Moon Bowl

Selenite Moon Bowl

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Selenite is a powerful cleansing tool, known to clear negative energies and charge other crystals. This high-vibrational crystal is believed to flood you with bright white light, clearing stress and self doubt, and opening you up to calm and clarity.

It is known as 'liquid-light' due to its strength in capacity to clear and cleanse energies both within yourself and your environment.

Selenite is connected with the crown chakra, and opens channels to the angelic realm and higher consciousness. 

Selenite bowls are wonderful to store and charge your smaller crystals, such as tumbles, as well as cleansing the energies in your space.

Item is sold individually and will be intuitively chosen for you.

Size pictured is 10cm.

*Item sold may not be the item pictured.

*This is a natural product and therefore size, colour, shape and texture will differ between items. We cannot guarantee the size, colour, shape or texture of the product you will receive.

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