Using Crystals: Protection, Cleansing & Clearing

Everything is energy, and all things and beings have an energetic frequency and vibration. This concept may be difficult to comprehend when starting out with energy work or exploring energetic practices, however is the reality of the make up of the universe.

Have you ever known someone who appears to be lucky or always has good things happen? Have you ever felt that when bad things happen it continues to spiral into a dark abyss of never-ending bad luck and misfortune?

Think of this as energy matching, manifestation, the law of attraction, or whichever of these concepts you resonate with most.

An important part of energy work is intention, and the concept of energy matching can be likened to this. When we engage in something from a place of fear or anxiety, we emit and therefore create and attract more of this energy. When we set out with a positive intention, you are more likely to have a positive experience. 

I chose to start with sharing my experience with Protection, Cleansing and Clearing with you, as these rituals are a wonderful way to practice using positive intention and are a good foundation when working with energy or universal wisdom.

Cleansing Clearing Protection Meditation Clear Quartz Crystal

Cleansing & Clearing

Crystals emit high vibrational energy and can be used to cleanse a space of negative or stagnant energy, by either absorbing the energy and transmuting it to a higher frequency (love), or clearing the energy away.

Crystals: Selenite is a stand-out crystal for cleansing & clearing

Selenite is also known as 'liquid light' due to its powerful energy cleansing properties.

How to Use:

Cleanse and Charge your crystals

You can place your other crystals on a Selenite plate/bowl or close to Selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Cleanse & Clear your space

Crystals can be placed throughout the home as décor to raise the vibration and clear negative or stagnant energies.

Rituals can include using a powerful mantra to clear your spaces, with the help of a Selenite crystal, Diffuser oil, sage or palo santo smudging, incense or burning a candle. It's a good idea to let in natural light and open your doors/windows. Of course, it is always best to cleanse your space with positive intention and not from a place of fear.

Home: "I clear all negative energies, and welcome in positivity and love."

Bedroom: "I cleanse this space of all which is not for my highest good, and allow love, peace and calm in this room."

Workspace: "I release all stagnant energy, and make way for creativity and inspiration."

The Self Collective Diffuser Oil Blends are also a wonderful companion to your practice.

Cleansing Clearing Protection Clear Quartz Meditation

Protection Practice

I believe that where there is good there is also bad, and when working with energy or opening ourselves up to spiritual practices, we are forging a pathway of connection to spiritual beings or energies. So that we can ensure we attract and interact with positive, high frequency energies, I believe Protection practices are important.

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Selenite

These crystals are highly connected with the crown chakra and help us open up to and receive source energy and guidance.

How to Use:

Protection Visualisation Meditation

Set the intention to connect with universal love energy. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and steadily.

In a laying position, place your Crystals above or around your head, or on your forehead, or simply hold them in your hand.

Visualise a bright white light beaming from source (God, universe), high amongst the stars, pouring through the galaxies, all the way down to earth, and coming in through the top of your head (crown chakra).

Imagine the bright white light filling you with a loving, protective, and positive energy.

Feel this light move through your whole body, connecting back and forth with source, emanating out of your body, and surrounding you like a cocoon of love and light.

Visualise this magnificent energy spreading further out, like an every-expanding globe around you, through the room, the whole house, neighbourhood, and beyond.

Maintain feelings of love and safety.

When you feel satisfied with your practice, imagine the strength of the light reducing, enough to maintain a reduced but comforting bubble around you. Visualise this bubble radiating around you, and all left over source energy returning to the universe.

Maintain this bubble of protection around you, with the continued intention of love and safety to surround you as you carry on with your day.

This is a wonderful practice before any spiritual work, including meditation or channelling.

Why should you do this?

If like-attracts-like, and you wish to connect with or utilise spirit or other energies, we must raise our vibration and energetic matching, so we attract positive and loving energy.

We often seek guidance when we feel lost, anxious, or confused, and if we began trying to connect while in this energetic state, we would be attracting more of these undesirable feelings. By raising our vibration, we emit a higher frequency and therefore attract higher frequencies in return.

I hope that these practices help you to create a loving and warm energetic space for you to continue your spiritual growth and self-exploration. 

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With love,

Tay x

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