About Us

The Self Collective was born to bring unique products and guidance that enhances self-love rituals and build deeper confidence for those in need of more self love.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel whole and aim to create products that help to restore balance and self belief, in order to bring you back to your true, authentic self.

We are a small, Australian owned company and are eternally grateful for the beautiful people that continue to support us.

Founder & Creative Director

I am Taylor Proberts, the Founder & Creative Director behind The Self Collective.

The Self Collective was born to allow me to share my experience and guidance with women and girls in need of more self love, confidence and self belief, to live their most authentic and fulfilling life.

With a lifetime worth of lessons learned at a young age, my wisdom and insights in overcoming limits, creating new beliefs, and pursuing dreams, I am here to support you on your journey back to your SELF, as you were intended to be.