Connection Cards



Do you crave deep and meaningful connection? Do you feel inspired and awakened through intimate and soulful conversation?

These Connection Cards were made for you.

Connection Cards

This thought-provoking deck serves to guide you in creating deeper connection with others and with yourself, through meaningful conversation and exploration.

Use this deck with loved ones, when meeting new people, or as journal prompts for self discovery.

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The Self Collective & The Sisterhood Movement

Have teamed up to bring you this vibrant and empowering Connection Card deck

Who are we?

The Self Collective

The Self Collective was born to bring unique products and guidance that enhances self-love rituals and build deeper confidence for those in need of more self love.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel whole and aim to create products that help to restore balance and self belief, in order to bring you back to your true, authentic self.

The Sisterhood Movement

The Sisterhood Movement empower women to feel their best through movement, connection, mindfulness, education and coaching.

A community for all women to freely express themselves where they feel supported, seen, loved and understood.